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Project Description

Note: I'm not maintaining this project any longer.

Utilities currently supported by DotCommon

  • Make HTTP post and receive string response
  • Make code minification request to Google's closure
  • Utilities regarding ASP.NET's partial URL
  • Some methods to work with XLinq
  • Hash string with salt (e.g. used to hash password string to store in DB)
  • Simple type conversion from string to enum and primitives/nullable (int, float, bool etc.)
  • Compress, CacheInBrowser, and RejectSpam action filters of ASP.NET MVC)
  • Decompress deflate/gzip byte arrays


I will gradually add reusable utility code into this project. This is not the kind of project with a clear roadmap or design criteria. It is long-running and I will organize the codebase on the fly whenever there are sufficient new things added. The ultimate goal is that all my reusable utility code is kept in one place so that I can keep reusing them in my applications.

Think of it as "private" or "internal" utilities for my applications. (In fact, if I don't put them into this library, they would appear as private or internal classes/methods in my applications.) Don't expect this library to have the best possible API and documentation and be stable. Having said that, if this library can be of any help to you, I'll be very pleased.

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